Those who are looking for real estate investments, Nikunjam-The Senate is the best investment opportunity. The company has doubled its turnover from year to year, since the founding year. The clients who engage in property investment with us will never get disappointed. Upon purchase, they get an instant capital appreciation of at least 20 percent.

An investor will get guaranteed tax and superannuation benefits on investing in these affordable luxury apartments. A fair return on your investment of 9% – 15% is available, which depends on how well it is maintained. In case, if you are out of the town for quite a long period and want to let out your flat on rent, we can assure you a fixed monthly rental income of Rs. 25000. The rental income also gets appreciated at a maximum of 3% to 4%, every year.

Our project offers you an opportunity to enter into a long term fully leased agreement with the seller for an agreed rate. And don’t worry about your property as it will be taken care of and well managed by the operator, who also handles other functions like Marketing, Operations, and Maintenance.